Kyle Fishing the Concord River


Every Girl Wonders When She Will Have Her First Child… and With Who?

I discovered I was pregnant on Easter of 2017. As I took my nightly shower, something occurred to me that I hadn't thought about in the entirety of the past month- a thought that will have the blood rushing to the face of almost every young girl- did I miss my period? Having purchased a …

River Rose

Each day I wait as the changing wind blows, each craving reminds me of my little budding rose. One the river of a summer's night, fire crackles- shedding warm light. In the ever-flowing river lies a seed beneath the damp earth- new life, new birth. The strong and masculine rain fell in love with the …

The Significance of Mythopoeia

This is a research essay that I wrote for my college English Composition class. It summarizes the importance of a commonly unknown genre created by author of Lord of the Rings and many other great written works- mythopoeia. This genre consists of crafting mythical tales that unlike your average mythology, has not been passed down from generation to generation though holds the same ingenuity.


Drip. Drip. Drip. That damn leaky faucet is going to drive me insane. Drip. Its Tuesday, and the weather outside is a sight for sore eyes. The window casts golden rectangles on my white bed sheets. My suitcase lies ajar on my bed, half-way packed. All's I have left is to pack my socks. I …